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My name is Britta Toftebjerg and I am from Copenhagen , Denmark. To start with, it was really easy to buy from the platform and start the class. The class was fun and very inspiring and motivating - I really enjoyed it. The structure of the class was great and thus, was easy to follow and good explanation. I would very likely recommend Artyshils Art Academy to everyone as both beginners and advanced artists, can benefit from these classes. I rate them 10 / 10.

My name is Sowmya Naveen and I am from India. It was very convenient to buy from the platform and to use it and I thank Shilpa so much. She's so friendly and sweet enough to answer the queries regarding course. I am very happy with my purchase. I think Shilpa has worked with lots of love and care, her idea of spreading knowledge, the way she has explained as a beginner I understood easily and most of the queries she has already answered in the video which is great. I would definitely recommend these classes to everyone as I believe Shilpa is a great teacher and lovely person. I rate these classes 10 / 10.